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Do we ever know where life will take us or when the next chapter will begin?
Unexpectedly, you or a loved one could become incapacitated and need 24-hour care. It could happen overnight, or over time due to a chronic illness. What we do know is that during our lifetimes, 70% of us will need long term care. When that moment happens, there is no turning back. You and your loved ones must scrabble to figure out how to pay for the enormous bills that will start piling up in the blink of an eye, if plans have not already been put in place.
Planning early is your safest bet to a smoother future.
Yet even if you feel you have made those assurances, life can still throw a curve ball. Perhaps the unforeseen has occurred and you are facing critical dilemmas today. Every day, we see clients from the Sunnyvale area who are overwhelmed by the stress of figuring out the system of long term care, and unsure if they will be able to provide their spouse or parents the quality care they want for them.
Our clients find that having a helping hand through this process vastly increases their peace of mind. I’m Gerald W. Cummings, and finding solutions to difficult dilemmas is why I focus in Elder Law and Estate Planning. I welcome developing a personal connection with each client as we work together and create plans for a new and better life ahead.

In our first meeting, I always set aside time for us to get to know each other. With each of my clients, I want to fully understand their goals. In order to meet your needs, I must fully understand your current and future situations so we can create a plan that is right for you! We provide peace of mind knowing that if the worst-case scenario happens, plans are in place to protect you and your family from losing everything.
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Essentially, the core of what we do is to help turn fear and worry into comfort and quality of life. I am repeatedly surprised by how many attorneys seem to miss this critical step: listening.
Maybe you want to learn how to pay for long term care. Maybe you want to be sure you won’t lose your home after dementia has entered the picture. Or maybe you want to make sure your children are taken care of after you pass away – perhaps you have a special needs child or grandchild, or a child who could otherwise fall prey to creditors and predators.
Only after I understand your needs can I put on my “lawyer hat” 
and with my expertise, set plans into place for your personal brighter future.
Without years of study and experience, it is virtually impossible for anyone to make their way successfully through the maze of benefits and protections a senior needs to have in place. By the time you leave my office, my goal is that you’ve fully understood every area we are dealing with and felt comfortable in the solutions you’ve arrived at. My reward as an Elder Law and Estate Planning is getting to see the difference, time and again, that my work has had in someone’s life and how I’ve made a positive impact through planning and preparing for retirement and beyond.

Call my office today at (408) 513-3626 to schedule your free consultation and get your questions answered, fast.
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